Nebraska Supreme Court further restricts the scope of appellate review by overruling precedent on what counts as a final order.

By: Elizabeth Ryan Cano Nebraska‚Äôs appellate courts have taken an increasingly narrow view of their own jurisdiction. The Nebraska Supreme Court has all but eliminated the collateral-order doctrine. See, e.g., E.D. v. Bellevue Pub. Sch. Dist., 299 Neb. 621 (2018) (collateral-order doctrine does not authorize an interlocutory appeal of a denial of sovereign immunity). Appellate courts have […]


In Memoriam

John Hurd (1947-2018) We will remember John for his leadership at Wolfe Snowden as a managing partner and a mentor to lawyers. John and Jack G. Wolfe together founded our firm in 1977. For forty years, John exemplified excellence in representing his clients with skill, sensitivity and patience. John was born and raised in Lincoln, […]